The time is now. Tell the World Love Already Won!

Acknowledge, celebrate, and spread the word that YOU know, WE ALL know.... at least 2 things for sure.....

1) Every day the GREAT MAJORITY of people put LOVE first in EVERYTHING they do...LOVE 1st.

2) There's No force greater than the words of futurist Bucky Fuller, LOVE is the only force that creates order from chaos.  LOVE is humanity's path.  Because we are still here, it's obvious...LOVE WON.

BE a beacon for acknowledging YOU KNOW people put LOVE 1st......


YOU spreading the message of this global movement makes it a reality for ALL!


-WEAR LOVE 1st WON merch. (Go to the Store tab at the top of the page). Put a sticker on your car, backpack, or any visible place that has meaning for you. 

-Place a sticker on your storefront to let your clients know YOUR BUSINESS puts LOVE 1st. (email us at if your storefront is online and we will send you logo artwork to post).

-Send us videos of love in action and we'll post them on our website!

-Make your own logo, and we'll post that here too. 

-Sign up for our email list and send us ideas for how YOU would like this community to grow and make a global impact....get updates on how LOVE is showing up everywhere and inspirational content too!

-Be a Love1st Won trail blazer. Share Pics of you in the merch on your social media, and share this URL.

When you buy, a portion of our profits will go toward supporting women and orphans' charities.....

What a blast to BE a beacon everywhere you go by wearing your love, peace, joy, and possibility confirming that we all put LOVE 1st, and LOVE WON.  How wonderful is it to SEE LOVE, to BE LOVE walking down the street?

Let's do this! We Got This!

With Appreciation From The Love 1st Won Team to YOU,

The LOVE 1st WON Team

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