The last two years have been pivotal times of change….Intensely challenging... bringing up our deepest fears.. revealing our greatest personal and global desires.   

We observed so much tender compassion in person and across the world via internet connection, it was clear to us that humanity is a truly caring bunch.   

What we wondered was how to acknowledge this loving kindness happening everywhere? With purity, with grace?   

That’s how Love 1st Won was born.  A clear message without qualifiers.  Everyone welcome. No talking necessary.  See the logo, or create one as a beacon of love.  We give each other a direct nod that says, "I see what you're doing, I know what’s real, and we’ve got this."

Our logo includes the spirit of movements begun a century ago, up through the 1960s, bringing us full circle in 2022.  Our culture is completing work that began with brilliance, creativity, activism, and music.  By putting Love first..LOVE 1st, Love has WON. 

WE are the fortunate ones who get to live this truth.   

Every time you wear the logo, use the water bottle, place a sticker, or create your own totem YOU are actively connecting the lifelines of Love across our globe....22 million lives to be exact.

You will also be supporting women’s and orphans’ charities and will update you with more information as we make clear connections with organizations we are vetting. 


With Love and Appreciation, 

The Love 1st Won Team